5 Top Online Tools To Protect Internet Privacy

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A few years ago, when Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon, and many other companies gained user information and made money, people reacted strongly. Online privacy products and services will be released in a variety of ways.
With the approval of government service providers (ISPs), consumers are able to access a wide range of confidential information and services. There are many ways to communicate. Today we will look at the top five privacy statements on the internet and some other “seekers”.

Onion router and integration skills

1. The Onion Router (TOR)

tor private brows

Tor open-source product and service (Sa Free Janya) appeared in the 1990s. The U.S. originally set up a water research laboratory in the U.S. to protect notifications and networks. In 2006, it became the most popular onion tool or a project called the Tor Project, which combines the Tor Bra browser with the Tor program.

According to Joshua Gay, TAR’s chief communications officer, TAR protects users by monitoring the internet, which is known to monitor traffic, to identify who they are communicating with at the destination. Knowing where you come from and where you are going online helps others evaluate your preferences and preferences. Asphalt is suitable for browsers, instant messaging, etc. Tor Browser is a cross-platform that connects to the Tor network without any additional software.

“The Tor program prevents users from spreading through a network connected by volunteers around the world,” Gay said. “There are no, including RSPs, who can monitor your internet site to find out which page it is. Knowing your IP address will not block the pages you are visiting.”

2. I2P


Established in 2003, I2P is a global open-source network for secure communication via electronic mail address I2P for senders and recipients. Like HTTPS and other encryption software, I2P encryption (E2E) encryption is used to encrypt ISP connections.

It hides metadata (adjusting the amount of onion) with a fixed encryption of several jumps on each path. Some functions that protect additional metadata, such as email, may be used for notification messages.

Jack Grigg, one of the developers, explained the basics of I2P: “E2E is set to run I2P. You can combine this information with an IP address, the page needs to work using an I2P address, so you can go to the public page at any time. immediately.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

3. Private Tunnel Private Tunnel

Open VPN Technologies is a VPN device for users and small businesses. Francis Dina, CEO and founder of OpenVPN, explains that by encrypting users’ IP addresses, they can access the Internet and protect the internet from hackers and their followers.

The Private Tunnel Open integrates DNS and other anti-virus programs to improve your browsing and prevent malicious websites from being found. The pricing plan is divided into four categories, each year with no specific work and unlimited activities. 29.99.

“We do not allow ISPs to disclose your information,” Dina said. “If they connect to our servers around the world, they can see distractions and secrets. How do they break the code?”

“It’s not hard to find the right VPN because there are so many options,” Dina said. “Users use state-of-the-art technology to protect the environment and to provide additional privacy, using the Internet.

4. Nordvpn


NordVPN is used to encrypt and protect all data that is shared online. Before accessing the Internet, user data is stored through a secure mechanism to encrypt the IP address, thereby protecting access to your location. The only information that appears on your ISP is a VPN server connection. Some information is stored using the VPN security protocol. The pricing plan is three-quarters: $ 69 per month ($ 75, $ 5.75), $ 42 ($ 7 per month) and $ 95.95.

Nordvipn CMO Marty P. According to Camden, Nodevpin hides a lot of users through things like double concealment and careful pruning. “Most of the internet is stored when users open NordvpN, so it is not visible to governments, ISPs, Google users, and third-party NordvPN.” “We protect the privacy of internet users and advise all online users.

Proxy services

5. SSLPrivateProxy.com

SSLPrivateProxy.com SSL PrivateProxy.com provides high-speed secret proxies as well as secure VPNs. Its architecture also includes access to more than 100 places around the world. Users have dedicated IP addresses, speeds of 1000 Mbps, over 300 networks, and a group of user-controlled heart for easy storage.

Different pricing policies work depending on the number and type of trustees. The individual Instagram subscriber costs $ 4.5 per month, $ 83.83 for 6 months, $ 17,517 for 3 months, and $ 5.5 for one month. Other pricing policies include authentication password servers, Pokemon Go authentication servers, and anonymous authentication servers.

An SSLPrivateProxy.com spokesman said: “Normally for a private protocol, you have to pay $ 15 per month to get five proxies, one IP and one port. You have to send, but your account only uses the proxy.” “

Other representatives
-Express VPN: unlimited bandwidth VPN from 32 8.32 to 65 12.65 per month.

  • Cyber ​​Ghost VPN: Web Proxy Free, Monthly VPN 83 5.83-9.16, Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Hide my ass !: Internet host – common, VPN 11.52 in 5 months, unlimited bandwidth.
  • Paid Proxy: $ 24 per month for 10 proxies, unlimited bandwidth.
  • My big man: 10 proxies per month. 23.70, bandwidth is unlimited.

Why do we care about internet privacy?

Internet Crime

Senate Resolution 34 (SJR 34) became law on April 3, 2017. The election violates the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) rules protecting the privacy of internet users. The law “Protecting the Security of Broadband and Other Phones” was issued on December 2, 2016.

In short, S.J.R. Security ISPs that retrieve information about browsing history, application usage, and other online activities are approved by the user and deleted data as soon as it is sold to the largest advertiser.

According to Brian Solis, a researcher at Altimeter Group, the FCC’s right to retaliate against ISP’s privacy laws is violated. Lobbyists say that if the ISP can collect user data and make money, it can compete with companies like Google and Facebook to establish a system that ensures the privacy and security of internet users.

“But the internet does not have the same standards, and Trump’s administration only exacerbates instability,” Solis explained. Allowing ISPs to sell history on the site to advertisers is contrary to the privacy policy. ISPs pay internet users and connect with each other. If a user pays to access the internet and the privacy of UMS data, the issue of online history marketing should be resolved.

Internet browsers are a professional way to protect someone’s privacy, but Matt Stamper, director of research and risk/security, warns that “this undermines the problem.” “As a team, we have to decide whether to expect privacy and to direct our digital lives,” Stamper said.

Privacy choices

Solis warns: If an ISP competes with each other based on user privacy, the loss is lost. Comcast Corporation, Verizon, and AT&T have stated that they will not sell online browsing information to customers. “This is just the beginning, now run your own secret,” Solis said.

The obvious solution is to find external content that prevents ISPs and search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) from collecting information. This should be viewed as a virus or malware that infects the system and pollutants that are designed to destroy or exploit the system. In this case, a virus prevention program is put in place to protect people living with the virus. Therefore, in this case, we will develop a program that will ban collectors.

Storage method

Technologies used to prevent the data collection of aggregates include VPNs, support services, and anion routers. In general, these methods are the same. Users communicate directly with external computers and servers around the world through applications such as networks, batteries, and systems that are supposed to hide actual IP addresses.

Some services are connected differently to multiple servers, so the IP address is always different. Some change when you enter a limited IP address, some completely hide your IP address, and some use anonymous security technologies on the Internet.

The known method

It protects the VPN connection from one location to another (USA or Italy) and traces the IP address via a blocked path.
A proxy function is a middleware or a standalone web browser that manages user communication via a notification server and hides the IP address.

Tor is stored at every level of the internet and connects Internet users anonymously through a randomly selected node or network. The method does not always reveal it, so its evidence is always vague. Many companies offer anion routing and integrated services such as VPN or VPN and Proxy.

Good and bad

Privacy has its pros and cons. However, it takes longer to adjust browsing gradually. Some VPNs are controlled by the government. Some servers are complex and difficult to modify and are not compatible with all functions. If used frequently, it can be called a “fun story” and is constantly monitored.

However, the problem is insignificant compared to online life and it is contradictory by sight. For example, how often do you search for questions from your parents, friends, and neighbors and then receive your secret information (online and offline) about something as exciting as Rosen or Prep H? Too much? It’s time to dump her and move on.

5 Top Online Tools To Protect Internet Privacy

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